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Do you need assistance?
Dial 3-1-1 (within SF only)
or 415-701-2311
415-701-2323 TTY
24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Provide feedback to SF311

Vision and Mission



The San Francisco 311 Customer Service Center is the primary point of contact for City and County of San Francisco government general services.

 311 is now the official site for obtaining information, reporting problems or submitting service requests to the City and County of San Francisco

-Mayor Gavin Newsom
December 11, 2008






The 311 Customer Service Center provides a prompt, courteous, and professional customer service experience 24 hours a day to San Francisco residents, visitors, and businesses seeking general information and services.

311 sets the benchmark for exceptional customer service through compassionate, helpful and knowledgeable staff, enabling the government to be transparent, responsive, effective, and efficient.

  • 311 serves as a single point of entry for and resolution of information and service requests
  • 311 continually integrates updated information from across the government
  • 311 enables improved government service delivery through performance reporting and analysis
  • 311 supports emergency response for the government and community through information and communications
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