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City and County of San Francisco Online Information and Services

animals and pets
Animals & Pets
Adoption, Dog Licensing, Lost Pets, Volunteering, Animal Bite/Noise Complaints
Building and Construction
Building & Construction
Request Inspection, Building Codes, File Building Complaint, New/Existing Permit Services
Permits, Licenses, Starting a   Business, Contracts with the City, Demographics Info
Birth/Death, Marriage, Centralized Commission/Committee/Task Force Database, City ID Cards, School Information, Taxes, Veteran's Resources, File a Police Report
Grabage and Graffiti
Garbage & Graffiti
Graffiti, Street/Sidewalk Cleaning, Litter, Recycling, Garbage Can Maintenance
Golden Gate Park, Activities, Park Trees, Playgrounds, Structural Maintenance
Streets and Sidewalks
Streets & Sidewalks
Potholes, Sidewalk Defects, Tree Maintenance, Damaged Property, Streetlights, Parking Zones, Parking Meters
Transportation and Transit Tools
Transportation | Transit Tools
SFO Airport, Muni, Taxi, Bicycles, Abandoned Vehicles, Parking, Blocked Driveways
Catchbasins, Sewers, Streetlights, Flooding, Water Quality, Gas. Electric/Power
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Having trouble finding a service?
Need assistance in another language?
Dial 3-1-1 (within SF only) or 415-701-2311;
TTY direct 415-701-2323
24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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